Wedding Slideshows

Wedding Reception Slideshows

Wedding video slideshows by Homestead Media

Wedding video slideshows are a great anniversary gift for a special couple and their family.

Weddings are extremely documented events. While photo books and albums are probably not going to go out of style, video slideshows can be a more meaningful way to remember and share the feeling of the day.

Video slideshows are extremely popular to share at wedding receptions. Documenting the bride and groom growing up, and then their life together brings the wedding guests into the their love story like no other medium. When I make a professional video slideshow for your wedding, we can even add a chapter at the end that includes your wedding photos.

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“Save the Date” postcards are useful to let your wedding guests know when your wedding will be ahead of time so that they can arrange for time off work and travel. How about making your “Save the Date” as a video with your engagement photos? We can put the video on YouTube or Vimeo and share to your social media channels or you can send a link in an email.

Anniversary Slideshow

Video slideshows are a fairly new medium for sharing photos. A video slideshow of your wedding would be a great anniversary gift for you and your loved one. Surprise your parents or another special couple with a video at their big wedding celebration. They will be so touched.


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