Photo Journal Slideshows

Document your passions and past-times

 Is there something in your life that you find is the subject for many of your photos? Maybe it’s your pet or a sport. Maybe it’s a product of your hands that you create with wood, paint, or some other expressive medium. Maybe it’s a hobby or past-time that you share with a group of kindred spirits. Capture the feelings and the meaning that you connect with this part of your life with video slideshows.

Video slideshows are a great way to share your interests with your friends and family when you upload them to a video sharing channel like YouTube or Vimeo. Make sure that you respect your slideshow audience and keep your videos short. Although people may be interested in learning about what you are doing, they probably don’t want to see every photo that you took. On YouTube, you can organize your videos into playlists which will help your audience to easily find related videos.

Below is a playlist containing pet photo journal examples.


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