Lori – Storyteller, Multimedia Artist

Lori Creighton, Homestead MediaI have always loved photos and I was making scrapbooks years before scrapbooking became a popular past-time. I still make photo books but now I have an even more powerful way to tell stories with pictures.

I became smitten (my husband would say obsessed) with multimedia when I wanted to do a video slideshow to be shown at the reception of our daughter’s wedding. After the wedding, I felt compelled to put the photos of the day together with the actual audio from the wedding. As I was working on that show I saw a little box that said “Enable Pan and Zoom.” I never knew that clicking on that check box would open a whole new world for me. Read more on Pan and zoom rocked my world.

My husband says that I’m obsessed with this technology but I would say that I have finally found my calling. (Thank you for making dinner while I keep working, honey!)

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