3 Things To Do When You’re Too Busy for Photo Projects


This is for you if at some point in your life you have enjoyed making scrapbooks, digital photo books, video slideshows and any other projects with your photos. There comes a time when you get behind in working (playing) with your photos and it doesn’t feel like fun to get caught up. It feels like a chore. It shouldn’t be like that though, because the process of working with your photos and videos is just as important as the product. If you find yourself in this situation, here are three things you can do.

1. Keep Taking Pictures and Safely Store Them

Don’t stop capturing the events and moments that happen in life. Keep taking pics with your phone and your tablet. Get out your good camera and take some more. When you’re shooting with your phone, you might already have an app that stores your images in the cloud. I use OneDrive and have it synced to my phone and desktop but there are many other choices out there including Google, and iCloud photo library. Dropbox and Box can store your photos and make it very easy to share, but expect to pay for the space you might need for your whole collection. You can upload all your photos to Shutterfly and store them for free but you’ll have to pay if you want to download high resolution copies. The important point here is that you need to put your pics where they won’t be lost or destroyed.

2. Look for Ways to Simplify

The reason why I chose OneDrive was because I already had an Office 365 account. Adding the additional storage was easy and the fees comparable to other file storage sites. Because I have my desktop and phone synced, I don’t have to take any additional steps to have my pics ready to use on my desktop when I want to make a slideshow. Other services have apps that make it easy to store and use your photos. I put the Shutterfly app on my phone when I saw an ad offering free prints. I had been meaning to get some prints for my mom but never got around to it until Shutterfly made it easy for me and enticed me with free prints. Anything you find that will reduce the number of steps you have to take, or the services you access can be ways to make working with your photos less of a chore.

3. Get Inspired

The easiest way that I know of to get back into the photo fun groove is to look at what other people are doing. Go to YouTube to see wedding reception slideshows. Go to Pinterest to get photo craft ideas. Chances are you “liked” some Facebook pages that reflect your photo hobby. Find those pages and browse through their recent posts and go to their blogs to see what’s new. If you still don’t have time to play around with pictures. Go back to steps number one and two, and remember that life goes in seasons. Just because you don’t have time doesn’t mean that you never will again.

Video Slideshow Examples

Go to my YouTube channel to see examples of video slideshows created to tell life stories, and document your hobbies and interests. What else do you do when you’re too busy to scrapbook or make digital photo books or videos? Please add a comment.


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