Video Slideshow Empowerment

Empowerment. That is why I am teaching classes. Did you notice the tag line on my website? Do something but not just anything. Do something wonderful. So what is wonderful?Do something wonderful with your photos and videos

Wonderful is not perfect. Wonderful is touching. It’s funny. It’s exciting It’s cute. It’s sweet. It makes someone cry. It tells a little story.

The classes that I’ll be teaching through New Prague Community Education are aimed to empower you with some skills and knowledge that will start you down the multimedia learning path so that you can find your own kind of wonderful.

As I teach you how to use one of my favorite video slideshow tools, ProShow Web, I’ll also share my thoughts and ideas about what makes a good show. I’ll help you with resources for music, photo editing and scanning. We’ll talk about different ways that you can share your shows.

My ultimate goal, however, is to open the door for you to the art form of multimedia so that you will become empowered by the ability to tell your family stories, and share your interests and hobbies through this rich visual medium.

To register for this two night class (Mondays, October 6 and 13) go to the New Prague Community Ed. website and sign up for Video Slideshows: How to turn your photos and videos into a multimedia show.


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