Multimedia Storytelling

Document your life and interests with video slideshows

The fusing of photos and videos into a multimedia presentation is a compelling way to tell a story. Known by various terms – photo montage, photo video, video slideshow – this digital art form starts with a collection of photos and videos. The images are enhanced with pan and zoom motion, transitions and effects, and synchronized to music. Captions can be added for detail. Audio narration or sound effects can increase the emotional effect of the story.

There is an art and a science to making good video slideshows. The tools are readily available on the web and as desktop software. The best software companies have lots of tutorials to help users learn the science. But just as putting a hammer in my hand doesn’t make me a carpenter, access to slideshow tools does not a multimedia artist make.

If you haven’t tried to make video slideshows, I encourage you to give it a shot. If you are already hooked, then perhaps you are well on your way to developing your art with your own style. Either way, I hope to advise and inspire you to do something wonderful with your photos and videos.
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